The purpose of building a development plan is to shape your career aspirations and achieve them strategically. Before you can create a development plan, ask these questions first. What do I want to accomplish? What is the path I need to take to achieve my goals?  How badly do I want it?


Be Proactive “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” ~ Oprah Winfrey, American Media Proprietor/ Talk Show host

If you want something, you have to speak up. Ask for extra projects and assignments when you have completed your daily tasks. Share your career goals with your manager and bring it up consistently and make it clear that you want to do more. The TD Volunteer Network is a way to give back to a charity and network while building your brand.


Set Realistic Goals – “What gets measured gets done.” – Noah Fleming, Author

We all want to be the CEO and make the hefty paycheck but it costs to be the boss. Making attainable goals will move you in the right direction. Creating a daily task journal helps you track your productivity and stay focused on your goals.


Know Your Boundaries – Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. – Brendan Francis Behan, Poet

Understanding your limitations and what your body needs is very important. If you have a deadline and have to submit quality work on time, you can’t afford to procrastinate.  Allowing yourself time to research and, of course, double and triple check your work before  turning it in will ensure a better finished product.

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