Mid-Year reviews are right around the corner. Have you started thinking about your comments? If not, keep these tips that will boost your rating or give you the career visibility you want.

1. Bring Your Best Attitude

No one likes a “Debbie Downer” or someone who doesn’t take ownership of their behavior. Ask yourself what your strengths are as well as what are your weaknesses. By identifying the gaps, you can make improvements. Do not over think or dwell on situations. Acknowledge, Learn, Adjust and Move On (A.L.A.M.O).


2. Speak to your Manager

You want to make sure your goals align with what your manager expects from you. Having clear expectations of what is required of you helps measure your progress. Ask your manager for a roles and responsibilities job description and set up monthly meetings to track and review your progress.


3. No Opportunities, No Problem

Ask to participate or assist on projects within your department or other departments. Volunteer your time to a worthy cause. This will help in two ways, give you exposure to work with other teams or colleagues and it will show you are motivated with the ability to effectively multitask.


4. Self- Assessment

Creating an ongoing self-assessment is imperative. If you are constantly involved and doing many things it is difficult to remember each one when you are completing your mid-year comments. Save yourself time and create a spreadsheet and enter the following headers, dates, names, and achievements. This is the first question of your most mid-year assessments; make sure you are prepared.


5. Feedback

As the saying goes, “Feedback is a gift” Ask people who work with you to provide feedback about your work and their experience working with you.


6. Check out Human Resources or the company intranet for helpful information

Did you know there is an abundance of information and resources dedicated to creating an effective and stellar career plan which include examples, videos, and blogs? The information is out there for you because your company wants to create an environment for you to succeed.


Do not leave your success up to chance. Create and follow your career plan and follow it through without exception. You will see changes that establish. Good Luck!

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